UEFA eases rules for transfers in winter break

05f8a8adad7757e5a743d052bebfad1d - UEFA eases rules for transfers in winter break

The UEFA has Tuesday determined that with effect from next season, players in the winter transfer of the club to exchange, in the second part of the volume for their new team are allowed to compete in the Champions League or Europa League.

This eases the European football association to the rules, because until now, if a player is not for two clubs in one season in the same European cup come true.

As can FC Barcelona this season in the knock-out stages of the Champions League, do not rely on winteraankoop Philippe Coutinho, as the Brazilian in the group stage was already running for Liverpool.

Manchester United should in the eighth finals of the Champions League again, however, Alexis Sánchez bets, because the Chileen for the winter to a lower level in the Europa League played for Arsenal.

23 players

The UEFA run from next season, more changes in the European tournaments. So may the wedstrijdselecties of the clubs that the match for the European Super Cup and play in the finals of the Champions League or Europa League from the 23 players, five more than normal.

The UEFA gives clubs to own say as more flexibility for the “most important match of the season”. If it is in the knock-out stages on a renewal arrives, get the trainers the possibility of a fourth switch to their team.

Earlier it was announced that the starting points of the matches change. In the Champions League during the group stage to 18.55 21.00 kick off. In the knock-out stages is 21: 00 fixed start time, with the Europa League is that from the quarter-finals.


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