Tusk on top EU-Turkey: ‘No tangible progress’

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The European Union and Turkey, have no concrete progress on the top in the Bulgarian Varna, a city on the Black Sea. That European Council president Donald Tusk Monday night said.

‘Today there is no compromise about the concrete business, ” said Tusk after a dinner debate organised in the town.

Turkey and the EU differences of opinion about Syria, human rights, Greece and Cyprus. Only progress in these areas, the relations between the EU and Turkey improve. Also to the possible accession of Turkey to the EU to resume, there must be progress’, stressed Tusk.

President Erdogan had to mean a full-fledged EU membership to pursue and hoped that both parties are gradually becoming a ‘very difficult period’. He stressed the good cooperation between Turkey and the EU in terms of immigration and the fight against terrorism.

The top is designed to make the folds between Brussels and Ankara smooth out.

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