Travelling, fashion show honors Mies Bouwman

1c419090158ce230ea4e06647587b884 - Travelling, fashion show honors Mies Bouwman

The February death of Mies Bouwman is this year central during the Canal Catwalk, an annual fashion show at the Amsterdam canals. The organization will make a special tribute to the presenter, late ambassador Ronnie October know.

The singer has fond memories of Bouwman. He worked together with her in the show of Tom Manders. “For me personally, it was Mies Bouwman a fine fellow, and I was in 2009, with her hands Hoffelijkheidsprijs received. She was a hot girl and I love her in this way to honor,” says Ronnie.

The Canal Catwalk on may 21 for the seventh time. The opening is performed by couturier Monique Collignon.

Last year there was a special tribute to king Willem-Alexander on the occasion of his fiftieth birthday.

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