Took Kim Jong-un train to Beijing?

0fceec22856953624f6f1669ca5da92c - Took Kim Jong-un train to Beijing?

Is North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to the Chinese capital Beijing traveled? Images of a green train to feed the rumors.

The train – green with yellow stripes – drove Sunday to China via the border town of Dandong, and reed Monday under heavy security to the railway station of Beijing. Then drove a autocolonne way.

The train does media suspect Kim Jong-un to Beijing has gone for his first foreign visit since in 2011, he came to power. Kim’s father and predecessor, Kim Jong-il, took a similar train when he, shortly before his death in 2011, China visited.

As yet there is no official confirmation. When Kim Jong-il, which, incidentally, fear of flying, was the visit only after his departure confirmed.

The news agency Bloomberg got the news to his own words, confirmed by three sources.

The trip is for a historic meeting between North Korea and the US. Previous month showed the American president Donald Trump know that he has an invitation from Kim Jong-un accepts.

China is the main ally of North Korea.

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