Tom Boonen makes new human-interestreeks

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Exciting news at One: cycling hero will be given Tom Boonen is currently working on his first program for the net. Tom will be in the next two years, programs for One, and is now working on a new human-interestreeks. Therein, he is looking for people all over the world for whom the bicycle is central in their lives. The recordings for this new series starting soon.
Twenty years beulde Tom himself on the bike, by wind and weather, to the highest goals. “The bike has given me a better life. Today I can do what I want. But I’m not the only one for whom the bicycle is a means or can be in order to go in search of a better life.” Tom draws for this new series around the world in search of people for whom the bike is necessary as a means to achieve a goal, to their family to provide a better future, or simply to survive. Tom draws with them, moves in their world, listening to their stories and working with them.

Today, the program is still in researchfase. The production examines among other things whether they have any bike-stewards in Mexico are able to follow: rival ex-gang members that their criminal past behind them and their own lowbikes, so as to create a safe environment for the youth to create. Also the bike ambulanciers in Malawi, home care of HIV patients, babies help to deliver and surgeons to assist, are on the list of possible cases.
Olivier Goris, network manager One: “It is with great joy that we have this hero at One in the arms. Not only because he is a great champion, but especially because he has been in a strong tv-maker to be: Tom is real, he can listen, in life, is genuinely interested in other people, and he has a perfect sense of humor. We look great to the collaboration.”

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