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Tom Boonen makes his first program for One

8b06d1f67aa34c7d63586a3fd6275394 - Tom Boonen makes his first program for One

Tom Boonen gets a own program on One. It is a new humaninterestreeks about cycling. The recordings will start soon.

“The bike has given me a better life”, says ex-cyclist Tom Boonen. ‘Today I can do what I want. But I’m not the only one for whom the bicycle is a means or can be in order to go in search of a better life.”

In the series, go Boonen is looking for people for whom the bicycle is important. He pulls with them, listening to their stories and working with them.

Today, the program is still in researchfase. In Mexico and the productieploeg ex-gang members to follow their own low bikes create a safer environment for the youth to create. Also fietsambulanciers in Malawi are on the wish list.

Two years

The humaninterestreeks is Tom Boonens first program on the net. The next two years will Tom Boonen programs for One.

Olivier Goris, network manager of One, is pleased with the collaboration. “Not only because he is a great champion, but especially because he has been in a strong tv-maker.”

Since his retirement as a professional cyclist then Tom Boonen to take on new challenges. First, he focused on his second love the sport, but in the meantime he came back in the course as a counselor of Lotto-Soudal and cocommentator at VTM.

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