This can be children’s make-up cause

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Illinois – Watch out with children’s make-up. The little Lydia was a allergic reaction and needed hospital treatment.

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Cheap children’s make-up may horrible allergic responses

Kylie Cravens bought an innocent-looking set of the brand ’Family Dollar’ in Illinois, America. Within the shortest of times and she was all covered with blisters and rash. “In 24 hours time changed our little girl a healthy child in one with swollen eyes that they are not more open got.”

Also, she got a rash over her whole body. We had cold compresses use because her skin is so burned. For days she was not able to eat due to the blisters and cracks in her lips.”

From research it turned out that her daughter is allergic turned out for a whopping six ingredients.

The mother has the photos of her mutilated daughter on Facebook to other parents to warn them.

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