The Mole wins the clash to Sunday night

1f20f1d3bf5751d567a491e8f32913ff - The Mole wins the clash to Sunday night

The ratings of Sunday, the evening on which three large stations a clash were, are now known. Four fetched more than a million with The Mole, Farmer Seeks Wife, ran aground just above the half-million. Even more interesting for the commercial stations were their doelgroepcijfers. And even there, there was a resounding victory for Four. The Mole took a 48 percent on VVA18-54, Café De Mol 24 percent. VTM remained a Farmer Seeks Woman stitches at 19.6 percent, about the same score as the reruns of Against The Stars a week ago. Four gambled, and won, so the tv battle. That’s looking ahead for the fall as Four of its programming in the weekends still wants to expand. Dancing With The Stars will arrive in the weekend, and a new season of The Are Just People is all since the end of 2016 on the shelf.

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