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‘The mole’-candidates knew really nothing about coffins and about each other

6e40a9c71d545691fa5310e6b718c791 - ‘The mole’-candidates knew really nothing about coffins and about each other

The opening scene of ‘The mole’ Sunday night seemed to have little spontaneous. Because how do you get ten candidates, without that they see each other in Mexico and unnoticed in a coffin? ‘And yet’, is the response Gilles De Coster

‘The mole’ started again very spectacular. The ten candidates layers buried alive in wooden crates. Gilles De Coster told them that they have one hour to get out to the west. We heard candidates panicky ‘Wa is dees?’ and ‘What the fuck!’ exclamations. Someone shouted out that they claustrophobia.

But how are these candidates in the boxes stopped without their knowledge? Has anyone rohypnol in their drink? And this was really the first time that they met and presenter Gilles De Coster met? When you stopped, did that opening sequence is unbelievable.

Separate and blindfolded

“And yet,” says De Coster. All candidates are individually travel into Mexico, without meeting each other. Upon arrival, have them in different hotels overnight, they just had contact with someone from the production. ’s the Day, they are individually and blindfolded, to the location of the openingsspel brought to the crates accompanied and in it laid. Everything in absolute silence.

‘ They knew not where they were or what the circumstances were, ” says De Coster. “If everyone on the place was, and the boxes closed were, they have through the speakers in their chest, the short message is received that the recordings immediately would begin, and they sign the blindfolds were off. At that time, I have them addressed and the instructions given, and the clock will start running.’

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