The cloth has fallen for Mike and Marjoram in Blind Married

ea46e331d85c5ae03a3f96a184a8ad68 - The cloth has fallen for Mike and Marjoram in Blind Married

It is now final: Mike and Kathy are married and separated in less than five weeks time in Blind Married. As expected, threw them in the delivery of Monday the towel. With the other couples, the future looks quite rosy.

After last week, again separately went live, I spoke to Mike and Marjoram a couple of times now. To go bowling… with friends. Also their latest date brought any improvement in the situation. In the town hall had the two, however have kind words for each other, but finally pulled Mike a line under with the telling phrase “ça va, we are away?”.

Fortunately, there is for the other couples, however, still hope. When Esther and Tim, it seems already decided. Tim bought a new name plate for his house to hang out with the inscription ‘Tim & Esther, The Winter – Emotion’. Also at the Show, and Three it looks good. The expert they were talking about evolution in their relationship. Or sprinkles the snoring of Three is still a spanner in the works?

Dear still feels no butterflies for Aljosja, but when he returns after his trip to America is in the atmosphere, in contrast to the chilly intended for Mike and Marjoram before, but lovingly. The hope is still present. In Damiano and Wendy from the early weeks difficult, though it looks like Wendy still impressed with her zangprestaties. But whether that will be enough for the spark to do skip? Next week, they too must decide whether or not the experiment would continue!

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