Sekstape daughter Laurence Fishburne on dvd

dc8b87243662ad302bb12104826f1690 - Sekstape daughter Laurence Fishburne on dvd

A pornobedrijf has the audition of the daughter of hollywood actor Laurence Fishburne released as a dvd. In the movie, the then nineteen-year-old Montana to see with her boyfriend. The audition helped Montana, now 27, in 2010, her first pornoklus.

The pornobedrijf Vivid Entertainment appears to still extremely happy with the audition recordings, as appears from a press release about the release. It is the ongeremdheid of Montana praised. It is also told that she Kim Kardashian to the crown wanted to cross, because they had seen what the realityster had reached after Vivid its sekstape, Kim Kardashian Superstar, was released.

Although her first Vivid movie, the headlines got, then as far as become quiet around Montana. A breakthrough on the plain white cloth was not in and also in the porn industry she has a very difficult time. In addition, she came negative in the news because of clashes with the police. It was often cases of driving under the influence.

The relationship with her famous father is also not to about to home to writing. In fact, she insisted that they have nothing to do with him wanted to have, until he her career as a porn star accepted. It fits in with the star from The Matrix of the time.

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