Sammy Baker builds party with his fans

55c8e74bf87f141b6ab54091f133f88c - Sammy Baker builds party with his fans

Sammy Baker will be on april 21, again a feast with his many fans. The singer has for his fanbal a lot of guest artists invited. From 19 hours to give Luc Van Meeuwen, Guy Neve, Phil, Kevin, Yves & Beritta, Ambidance, Chris B, Danny Davis, Jordy Fransis and Jaimy, just like the host the best of themselves.

Tickets cost € 14 in advance available at cd Philip & Sonja and the fanstand of Sammy Baker. At the box office location room Hemmekes, Ernest Claesstraat 34C to 3271 the price is € 16.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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