Robin Pront works at Zillion film

f8836d4b6191e7fd13b903d1ad7aa261 - Robin Pront works at Zillion film

Today it was announced that the new movie Zillion of Robin Pront artistic ontwikkelingspremie received from the Flemish Audiovisual Fund. FBO and Woestijnvis produce the film. Robin Pront wrote the screenplay with Kevin Meul. Matteo Simoni has already pledged for the role of Dennis Black Magic. The recordings will start 2019 start. Zillion is the second movie from Robin Pront after his successful debut D’Ardennes , which is internationally renowned and, in 2016, the Belgian submission for the Oscars.

Director Robin Pront is working on a film inspired by the Zillion-saga. The Antwerp megadiscotheek ZILLION opened its doors in 1997, was less than five years but owner Frank Verstraeten built the nightclub at life from a myth, not in the least by the atmosphere of scandals, colorful characters, beautiful women, technological innovations, liquor and drugs that the nightclub surrounded. It is a world that Pront really like in a film wants to pour.

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