Putin: ‘We are people lost by criminal negligence and carelessness’

1042b2c6854ed32fcd43b09534aeda80 - Putin: ‘We are people lost by criminal negligence and carelessness’

The fire in a Siberian shopping mall, where 65 people were killed, is the result of ‘criminal negligence’. That has Russian president Vladimir Putin declared at a visit to the place of e disaster.

“And these are not affected by a war or a sudden methaanontploffing in a mine,” says Putin. “People, children came here to relax. We are people lost by criminal negligence and carelessness.’

The high death toll is attributed to lack of safety measures. So were the exits blocked, and the chairman of the Russian committee to the fire reports Tuesday that the fire alarm in the shopping centre since 19 march was defective and that no one the issue wanted to deal with.

A security guard there was, moreover, not managed to get a distress signal manually.

Putin explained Tuesday flowers down to the Zimnyjaja Visnja shopping centre in Kemerovo. The residents put previously flowers, candles and toys at the shopping mall.

More than 40 children missing

At the fire Sunday that originated on the top floor of the centre were 64 people killed, among whom many children. More than 40 children are Tuesday still unaccounted for, while 15 people still in the hospital.

In Kemerovo three days of mourning was declared.

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