Putin: fire playground by ‘criminal negligence’

2a500b924bc2637f5c7e96a78ee70410 - Putin: fire playground by 'criminal negligence'

MOSCOW – Russian president Vladimir Putin says that the deadly fire at the shopping mall in Kemerovo was the result of criminal negligence”. Reports that the state television from the Siberian city. Putin on Tuesday in Kemerovo arrived. He will be there later in the day, a visit to the place of the disaster.

Putin pays a visit to the badly affected Kemerovo.

According to officials the fire investigations, had a security guard of the Russian shopping mall, where more than sixty people died, the public address system turned off. There were also emergency exits from the building are blocked.

Among the dead are eleven children. Many of them found themselves on a playground in the complex. Supposedly, the fire in the vicinity of that place.

The police have three people arrested after the fire. Among the detainees would also be the director of the shopping centre.

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