Puigdemont ‘will never surrender’ and put ‘battle’ continues

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The Catalan separatist Carles Puigdemont, which, in Germany, in the cell is, ‘will never surrender’ and ‘is committed to the struggle to continue’. That has to be one of his lawyers, Gonzalo Boyé, said Tuesday after a visit to the politician in the prison of Neumünster.

“He (Puigdemont) has said that we (the Catalan separatists) will never be surrender, and that is his message to the Catalan people,” said Boyé.

Puigdemont, according to the defence counsel in his first statements after his arrest in Germany, ” his full confidence expressed in the German court that will soon decide on his possible extradition to Spain.

According to his advisers, is the politician in excellent health, both physically and mentally. He has ‘good courage’. “He is very strong and very clear in his determination,” said master Boyé.


Puigdemont was Sunday on the basis of a European arrest warrant was arrested after he and a car to the Danish-German border was crossed. He was en route from Finland, where he, among others, a lecture was given to Belgium where Puigdemont in exile lives. Spain wants Puigdemont pick it up, because he is an illegal referendum had been organised for the independence of Catalonia.

The Spanish public prosecutor, meanwhile, has an investigation opened to two Catalan police officers who Puigdemont accompanied at the time of his arrest.

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