Police of Brussels bekeurt actievoerende taxis

fed141504fb1886d53b16a59c6e97595 - Police of Brussels bekeurt actievoerende taxis

BRUSSELS – The Belgian police department has nearly a hundred vouchers handed out to actievoerende taxi drivers. The angry drivers were on or around the Brussels ring road, a police report because they have the traffic, maliciously hurt the organism and for other violations, said minister of the Interior Jan Jambon.

Taxichauffers action in Brussels.

The taxi drivers were the whole day in and around the Belgian capital in the back to as much as possible traffic disruption to cause. They blocked highway entrances and exits and were hindering the access to Zaventem airport. The protest was organised by the Belgian Taxifederatie (Febet) from rage against Uber, the internet company that mediates between passengers and drivers.

According to Jambon is the right actieevoeren but also the right to free passage for those who want to work. The traffic police, supported by helikopterbeelden, had the command, to act against drivers who are on the wrote went.

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