Pizza with 111 cheeses, breaks record

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Berlin – the more the better must be the maker of this pizza have thought of. And that is thoroughly addressed. Following In the footsteps of the classic quattro formaggio figured out the chief of the Berlin restaurant Vadoli Pizzeria is a variant with less than 111 different types of cheese.

With his creation, he has a place in the Guinness Book World Record managed to get hold of. With the 111 different types of cheese got the pizza the title of ‘Greatest Variety or Cheese on a Pizza.

A plukkie mozzarella, topped with chèvre a block of Emmental into a piece of Roquefort. You would expect that such a kazige pizza a large diameter to provide space to all 111 species. Nevertheless, the chief of Vadoli it all the pieces on a normal size pizza. Complete with all the cheesy toppings weighs it has to be a sizable 288, 6 grams.

Or the pizza at the menu of Vadoli extracts is not yet clear. A special warning can be desirable, one in the category of cheesy.

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