Owl gets them laughing on hand at a wedding

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CHESHIRE – All eyes were on this week in the Uk, Cheshire is focused on the bride and groom, Jeni Arrowsmith and Mark Wood. Until the hired owl with the rings majestically in the direction of the altar flew. What happened next made purely for chaos.

Not the owl from the story.

As previously thought landed the owl on the arm of the witness. Yet it was not at all good. Unfortunately, he struggled, in place of the rings seamlessly from his jaw to loosen it, a few seconds too long with this whole charade. It was rather awkward about it.

That was the beast, and the owl started irritated to the touch. He turned to the assembled society, and spread his wings several times. Meanwhile, shot the groom in the smile, because he could not regard that his best friend, this simple task could not execute.


Then came the ’hell’ los. One of the better friends of Wood at the front of the sat – stak to insignificant reason his arm. Within no time, the owl towards the man, right to his face. Then flew the chairs in the air, the man on the ground and are neatly polished shoes on the floor.

At that moment, knew just no one to how to respond. Until everyone suddenly began to laugh. The owl had a place on a table found, and looked triumphantly over the crowd. The seething falconer walked quickly towards the animal to take him with them, and left without hesitation. The bulderlachen by the liefdeskoppel loved, meanwhile, still not on.

Eventually, they knew the church to leave as husband and wife. “It was hilarious. Forget this, never,” said mrs. Wood against the BBC.

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