Orange O19 miss european CHAMPIONSHIPS after ‘absurd action”

ae174dd0daa07f1cc08d643d4e79692d - Orange O19 miss european CHAMPIONSHIPS after 'absurd action"

Orange Under 19 miss the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Finland next summer. The lost in Ahlen last groepsduel in the so-called eliteronde, in which the top of their group a euro cup ticket earn, from host country Germany with 4-1. That defeat was remarkable enough, after a very remarkable action of the German stadionspeaker.

Coach Maarten Stekelenburg.


Both the team of coach Maarten Stekelenburg as the German youth squad had to stand at the Scotland-Norway to keep an eye on, because the other result is of great importance for the final standings. A draw would be the winner of Germany-the Netherlands to the european CHAMPIONSHIP. Otherwise, the Germans were the most benefit from the profit of Scotland and the Dutch talents at a profit in Norway.
In a 1-1 position in Ahlen, just after a strong phase of Orange in which Feyenoord midfielder Orkun Kökcü just after a rest already for the equalizer made, decided the stadionspeaker the home team a nudge in the back to give on the way to the CHAMPIONSHIP. He called successively the 3-2 and the 4-2 for the Scots. That gave Germany the energy to get to the winning goal looking to go, where there are in the Netherlands, something seemed to be cracking. For them profit is very likely still not have been enough. No more than a minute after the communication, and the noise in the stadium flew the 2-1. Shortly thereafter, it was with the 3-1 all the way done.
“Yes, an absurd action”, reacts coach Stekelenburg, who knows that the influence of this proportion in the line are not allowed. “That rule is there and we have the protest by registered letter, but they will probably only be a fine or something.”
The coach is under no illusion that the protest make any difference, but captain Armando Obispo had to confess that the action affects. “It was noisy in the stadium and has the contest affected, the broadcasters of those standings by the speakers”, said the PSV eindhoven defender. “The Germans were really a boost, and within a minute it was 2-1. That gave even more power.”
The resistance of Under 19, that is a excellent initial stage had in both the first and the second half but too little scored, was broken. Germany ran out to 4-1, but still ran the after ferocious or with tears from the field. Norway had the 4-2 deficit against the Bulkheads, namely fully bent, up to 4-5 in extra time. And because the Norwegians in their second groepsduel with 5-2 victories over the Germans, who, with a number of other faces aantraden, they mutually result to the EK.


Of the Meulenhof, Teze, Schuurs, Obispo, Wijndal, Of the Tanning, Duarte, Kökcü (86. Botman), Nunnely (76. Aboukhlal), Piroe (76. Gakpo), Times.

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