No prosecution after filmed death cd-seller

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BATON ROUGE – authorities in the Us state of Louisiana will refrain from the prosecution of the two agents who were involved in the controversial death of a black cd-seller. Alton Sterling died in 2016 after he’s in Baton Rouge was hit by police bullets.

Alton Sterling

The police officers reacted on a report of an armed man. To movies is to see that the agents are the cd seller on the ground have worked. At any point someone shouts “he has a gun”, after which an agent of his weapon pull. Then similar shots to sound.

Demonstrators on to the streets

The bystanders filmed the death of Sterling was in the United States very sensitive. The images, also those of other, similar incidents, led to anger about the way in which police officers often black suspects face. Demonstrators took to the streets to justice requirements.

The attorney-general of Louisiana said that the involved agents, their book not to out are gone, messages American media. Previously, the decision of the federal authorities to refrain from prosecution. One of the agents had stated that he Sterling to a weapon saw action.

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