Neuer celebrates anniversary with return to field

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Manuel Neuer has his 32nd birthday with a comeback on the training ground.

Manuel Neuer is back on the training ground of Bayern Munich.

The German goalkeeper of Bayern Munich hit over six months ago for the third time in that year, injuring his left foot. Neuer again showed a small bone to have broken up, which he just as in march, was having an operation.

A long rehabilitation followed. An MRI scan to be last week that the fracture is completely healed. Tuesday was the captain of Bayern Munich and the German national football team finally returned to the field. Neuer walked in on his birthday as a twenty-minute laps on the grass, still without his teammates, almost all of which are fledged national football team. When the keeper can join the group training is still unclear.

“The chance that this season can still play, it is realistic,” said Neuer last week. “But it is difficult to say when I actually am ready for it.” Coach Joachim Löw has already hinted Neuer like to take to the world cup.

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