Nato points seven Russians out

0033cab71be5856c4a7dd0f0d2b21dd7 - Nato points seven Russians out

In its response to the gifaanval of a former Russian spy Skripal, reduces the Nato the number of accreditations for the Russian delegation of thirty to twenty.

The Nato withdraw the accreditation of seven Russians and refuses to accept the three new accreditations. This reduces the North Atlantic treaty organisation the size of the Russian delegation of thirty employees to twenty.

That decision is a reaction to the gifaanval three weeks ago on a former Russian double agent was committed in the Uk Salisbury. For the secretary-general of Nato, Jens), this attack is part of a pattern of unauthorized activities of the Russian side.

It is not intended that the communication with Russia is discontinued. A delegation of twenty Russians is enough to continue a dialogue, ” he said at the press conference this afternoon.

) Stressed that the Nato attitude towards Russia on the two-sporenbeleid continuing: dialogue and deterrence. ‘Only we have been a lot more invested in deterrence’, said).

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