NATO comes up with measures against Russia

d614b6a06f4d2edc2b473a559d6bb1e4 - NATO comes up with measures against Russia

BRUSSELS – NATO will take measures in response to the use of nerve gas against a former double agent in the English Salisbury. Ceo Jens) gives around 15: 30 a press conference at the headquarters in Brussels.

The Norwegian said earlier, the British conclusion that Russia is behind the attack is to take over. He spoke of a pattern in the reckless and confrontational’ conduct of the Russians in the last few years.

The NATO countries left two weeks ago already know, right behind London. They are very concerned about the first attack with nerve gas on NATO territory since the creation of the military alliance in 1949.

Monday decided the united states, Canada, and a large number of EU countries, including the Netherlands, to Russian diplomats.

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