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MVV to dissolve the contract: Marvin Ogunjimi may be looking to thirteenth club

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The Dutch resembled MVV Maastricht on Tuesday to let you know, the contract with former Red Devil Marvin Ogunjimi to have dissolved. The striker, who still has a contract until June 2019, can be so press conference is looking for a new club.

“Marvin Ogunjimi was this season, plagued by a number of small but annoying injuries”, opened the Dutch-Limburgers on their website. “Besides these physical setbacks, he was also faced with a sad event that his father recently happened, with the result that the striker is, in his own words “for the time being could no longer charge”. In consultation is therefore decided by mutual consent from each other.”

The 30-year-old attacker was in Maastricht this season, good for fourteen official appearances (and one goal). The Malinois had the past few years, a somewhat different career path. After his breakthrough at Racing Genk, followed in January 2012 a miljoenentransfer to the Spanish Mallorca. He was in the first half of the year stamp do not express, which is also very successful uitleenbeurten followed to Standard, Beerschot and OH Leuven.

From June 2014 began Ogunjimi on his odyssey through exotic football. After the Norwegian Strömgodset followed the South Korean Cheonan, the Thai Ratchaburi Mitr Pol, the Albanian Skënderbeu and the Kazakh Okzhetpes. In August last year, the region he is in Maastricht down.

The twelve clubs of Ogunjimi:

KRC Genk

RKC Waalwijk (the Netherlands)

Real Mallorca (Spain)

Standard Liege

Beerschot AC

OH Leuven

Strømsgodset IF (Norway)

Suwon FC (South Korea)

Ratchaburi Mitr Phol (Thailand)

Skënderbeu Korçë (Albania)

Oqjetpes FF Köksetaw (Kazakhstan)

MVV Maastricht (Netherlands)

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