Musicalparodie Expedition Robinson in the making

e746c7a935182e35515bd87a7b43a269 - Musicalparodie Expedition Robinson in the making

Rick Engelkes is working on a musical that is inspired by the television show Expedition Robinson. The representation must be in season 2018-2019 in the Dutch theaters, as revealed Rick to RTL.

The komediemusical Expedition Island is about three families who have to survive on a desert island. The direction is in the hands of Martin Michel. Who is playing the lead roles, is later published.

It is not the first time that Engelkes a show based on a television program. The piece of Vamos!, that this season was to be seen, is inspired by programs if I leave and The helm. Therein played more Lenette van Dongen, Carolina Dijkhuizen and Cystine Carreon.

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