More than 2.400 animals died after the oil spill in Colombia

170527ef2c59667a1d10b553b2cfb105 - More than 2.400 animals died after the oil spill in Colombia

After an oil spill in the rivers Lizama and Sogamoso in the north of Colombia in a month’s time more than 2,400 animals died. That report environmental organisations in the local media. Meanwhile, the Colombian minister for the Environment, an investigation is ordered.

The leak started a month ago near the city of Barrancabermeja, in the department of Santander, where the largest oil refinery of the country is located. In total there were 600 barrels of oil in the water. The oil spill is spreading already from a length of 24 km on the Lizama and 20 km on the Sogamoso.

The loss of oil is a disaster for the environment and for the animals, say local environmental groups. A seventy neighbour families exhibit symptoms such as vomiting, headaches and dizziness, and in addition, more than 1,000 trees damaged and came in all more than 2.400 animals. This is particularly important for fish, birds and reptiles. Conservation organizations to save the 1,300 injured animals.

The source of the leak is at the oil company Ecopetrol. The governor of Santander, Didier Tavera, accuses the refinery that she does not take action to the leak in the dikes. Ecopetrol says in turn that it is waiting for specialized equipment from the United States.

The government had already launched an investigation to determine whether the leak was caused by a poorly sealed oil well. Meanwhile, announced environment minister Luis Gilberto Murillo on Ecopetrol under the microscope. If it turns out that the company information has been hidden that the leak had been able to avoid, then there is no ‘drastic sanctions’, says the.

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