Metamorphosis Orange

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So. Orange has again put on the map. Friendly or not, world cup participant or not, less or more possession than the opponent, who is European champion in Portugal in the rest with a 3-0 deficit to the dressing room killing herself for apparently and end up with the same numbers wins, the world over.

Memphis Depay (l.) and Ryan Babel celebrate the opening goal against Portugal.

Against England (0-1) seemed to be the new Dutch national team nowhere, but in Geneva announced the new reality. One, according to Ronald Koeman. The lessons learned on Friday against the English were well spent on the new coach. With a vijfmansverdediging he showed the good, but the two lines were much better staffed with three midfielders and two fast, strong attackers in the persons of Ryan Babel and Memphis Depay.

It was all specimens seem more aggressive compared, but at the same time much more stable and with an unprecedented return with three goals from four chances. Once in possession of the ball flew to the internationals out, and they were to be expected as the best. The best farms were historically on the other side. By pure countervoetbal knew Portugal in 2016 to crown a champion of Europe. With this example in mind, gave the team of Koeman Ronaldo & co, so a great biscuit of own dough.

In the twelfth minute, announced to that the best counterploeg of the continent was uitgecounterd by the laughing stock of Europe. After a repulsed a Portuguese attack gave the balvaste Davy Pröpper is a great decisive breedtebal on Depay which the counter was initiated. After balcontacten of Virgil van Dijk, Kenny Tete and Donny van de Beek took Depay to the end of the counter, the tractor cold-blooded over: 0-1.

The lead did not for inappropriate behavior. As Koeman wanted, kept the Dutch team compact play, let the the Portuguese free to take the ball around to play and pulled Amber around thirty metres of the goal of the reliable Jasper Cillessen a solid wall.

To little for me to notice that the goalie for FC Barcelona hardly comes into action. Stronger, then he is a rescue that was expected – when a header from Ronaldo just after peace was Cillessen there. While his competitor Jeroen Zoet Friday the sustainable rod of Jesse Lingard did not know to return. Remarkable was also how sure Cillessen, with the ball of the foot showed. Where are uittrappen previously, almost by definition, when the opponents came, he laid the balls this time almost all on the tie of the other players. More than one and a half years, FC Barcelona is off to read to his game.

After half an hour, the sensation is final. Left Of the Dike located in the first effective counter, his colleague Matthijs de ligt gave the assist to number two. Fast opgestoomd to the dead ball line he gave up racing for. Nevertheless dared Babylon his forehead against the cannonball to convert for 0-2. The two central defenders were in the extra time for the winning 0-3 lead. A hard free-kick from Depay was by The Is handsome back gekopt for the feet of the captain Of the Dike, which the ball perfectly into the free-angle shot.

Witness the reaction of Van Dijk and The Is could the two hardly believe it myself that they are the focus were on the way to a historic victory. One that Koeman is already in his second international match, reported in the footsteps of the legendary Rinus Michels, who over 26 years ago for the last time with the Orange won from Portugal.

In the second half to put Portugal again. The wall of Orange was tested, but nowhere fell a bit. It gave Koeman the space without danger Guus Lift and Justin Kluivert their debut award. Only managed the Netherlands not to be in possession of the ball is still dangerous. A pity, because after Ronaldo to the side was removed and the filthy João Cancelo red got, was Europe’s best team is ripe for a monsternederlaag.

Nevertheless, get Koeman today with a good mood back on the plane after his first two international matches. As against England and Portugal, by contrast, gives the coach so many points that he should build on that in may and June against Slovakia and Italy. That solidity and certainty for the offensive initiative football, everyone will just for love must take. Ultimately, the current way of playing is so confident that Orange, it is more in accordance with the own identity can go play football.

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