May sends Putin condoleancebrief after fire

694784b9d8dc9590e3ea1d26478de2a3 - May sends Putin condoleancebrief after fire

MOSCOW – British prime minister Theresa May has after the deadly fire in Siberia a condoleancebrief sent to the Russian president Vladimir Putin. They wrote that the British sympathy with the relatives of the victims, made to the British embassy in Moscow announced.

By the fire in a shopping mall lost sure 64 people life, among whom many children. The condoleancebrief comes at a sensitive time in the relationship between the countries. Great Britain and Russia are embroiled in a diplomatic conflict over the zenuwgasaanval in Salisbury, where former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter have been poisoned.

Russia denies something with that attack. Decided London recently 23 Russian diplomats out. That action got the Monday following. When announced by governments in Europe, the United States and other countries to Russian officials the door.

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