Man will get woman with gif-list in bed: ’Otherwise, I go within 48 hours of death”

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Rotorua – A 24-year-old man from New Zealand has a woman with a striking lie in bed. To say that the man was forced to poison to drink and he would die if she does not within 48 hours of sex would have. And so it came to pass.

Friday gave the man from Rotorua to the judge to be guilty. He is accused of being the woman to have threatened.

According to the police was the man thought the woman on the sidewalk, according to The New Zealand Herald. His face was flushed and he held his rib cage. He told me that he was beaten and was forced to take a poisonous substance to drink.

’Round running is not an option’

According to the man, there was no antidote, and was the person who had poisoned already left. He would die if he the toxins within 48 hours would be sweating.

The woman gave the suggestion that the man but a round had to go running. But that would not work according to the man. Dee toxins could only be on a “certain way sweat out”.

Various e-mails

The woman then got several e-mails from an unknown sender telling the story of the man confirmed. In these messages, the woman is instructed three times to have sex with the man to have in 48 hours time. Also had the woman four times other sexual acts in men do.

The victim was also a car and a large sum of money promised. Also, she was threatened in other e-mails that her loved ones in danger, it would and there are nude photos of her spread would be if they are not having sex. Eventually found out that the mails are sent out by the man.

’To the ground’

According to the police decided the woman to have sex with the man because she really thought he was in danger. Eventually confronted the woman, the man with the e-mails. He denied anything to do with it and grabbed her by her arm and worked her to the ground.

The story came to light when the woman talked about it with a friend. That encouraged her to calling the police. On may 25, given to the man to hear, or he is the cell in need.

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