Love Actually actor hated acting

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The man who, as Bill Mack in Love Actually is one of the most well-known filmpersonages put it, revealed in an interview with Radio Times that he is terribly unhappy with his film career.

Bill Nighy

According to Bill gives the acting is never really satisfying and it was the only that he is extremely aware of itself. “You have sometimes a kind of satisfaction when you’re done, but the whole process during recording is never going to be satisfactory. I thought to stop. If not daily, then weekly. I was so unhappy. I hated it, for years.”

The only reason that the 86-year-old British actor, the act is never in his thoughts added, was that he had no other career for themselves saw. “I didn’t know what else to do. And it is also not the whole time unpleasant; you work with great people and on some things I’ve done, I’m really proud.”

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