Life sentence for Briton who rammed islamic women

08453f2e0434ed3b092adcc294901cb3 - Life sentence for Briton who rammed islamic women

LEICESTER – A British man who repeatedly rammed a Somali woman has been sentenced to life in prison. The 21-year-old perpetrator wanted revenge because of terrorist attacks in his country, messages of British media. He also made a futile attempt a twelve-year-old girl to drive.

Archive photo.

The driver drove the woman last year in Leicester. They flew through the blow against a wall and ended up on the ground. There drove the man once again over her. The victim survived the attack, but is still dealing with serious injury and had to stop working.

The judge ruled that the man rammed the women “because they are islamic garb wore.” He comes after twenty years are eligible for release. The victim said they did not understand why someone who she has never met her wanted to kill.

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