Lieven Debrauwer is on the ground

389a4ae2e02aed1e6cf764743f931860 - Lieven Debrauwer is on the ground

Lieven Debrauwer was once the director of the topfilm Pauline and Paulette, but in All swallows his pride, and he says that he is almost on the ground. A call to mediaminister Sven Gatz, he has also already done. “I must,” says Gentenaar. “Because the social services want me to not help because I was a freelancer. I have a company and that I would first have to stop. But that will cost me just for the accountant and notary 3500 euro. That I have no money. As a business owner, I never thought of myself as more than 1300 euros, and I even succeed in that for ten years, not more. I worked a quarter of a century in stone, but if I help will I get the lid on the nose.”

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