“Jennifer Lawrence has magic lost’

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Jennifer Lawrence’s heydays seem to be over and her position in Hollywood is hanging by a thread. That writes The Sun.

Jennifer Lawrence may have a glass of wine, now her movies can’t muster what one of Hollywoods ’golden girl’ expected

The, until recently, an acclaimed golden girl of Hollywood, with blockbusters like The Hunger Games and X-men created a furore, has its made in the film business lost, reports the newspaper. That’s because her latest movies have to draw very few visitors and so too little will generate revenue.

Were the first two parts of The Hunger Games is still good for a turnover of 400 million dollars, and she knew the X-men-franchises invariably at least 150 million dollars in the coffers to spend her last film as Mother!, Passengers and Joy continued to lag far behind. Also her latest spionagethriller Red Sparrow, where they for the first time since the leak of her nude photos is completely out of the clothes went, delivers a lot less than the creators expected.

An insider in the film business, said: “People go not only to a movie for Jennifer Lawrence, as it did, for example, a Julia Roberts or a Sandra Bullock during their heyday. Apart from the franchisefilms do her other movies no spark skip to the paying public. Another moment, and the major studios do not want to risk more with her walk.”

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