Javier Bardem in miniseries Spielberg

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Steven spielberg’s miniseries Cortes has the green light received from Amazon. Javier Bardem will be the title role in the series about the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés.

Javier Bardem

Just as Spielberg is Bardem is also an executive producer of the series, which revolves around the discovery of Cortés by the Aztec empire, which for the first time contact was made between the western and the Aztec civilization. The journey of Cortes, and specifically his meeting with emperor Montezuma are therefore also called ’the real discovery of the New World’.

“It is a privilege this epic story to tell,” says Bardem, who was in the movie No Country for Old Men, in a press statement. “A story full of drama, conflict, and this huge historical spectacle in which two influential civilizations collide. The best and the worst of human nature showed itself, however.”

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