Impatient Robben still don’t know if he is open to contract extension

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Arjen Robben still don’t know if his contract with Bayern Munich wants to renew if the opportunity arises. The 34-year-old attacker has an expiring commitment and hopes for clarity over his future.

Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge had recently already know that he, at the earliest, in april pass to the table with Robben, but the patience of the Dutchman starts out slow on hit. “It is a pity that they still don’t know.”

If the ‘Rekordmeister’ him a new contract to present, according to Robben, also absolutely not certain that he thereupon takes effect. “I’m not,” he said Tuesday at the regional broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk.

“I am now myself trying to figure out exactly what I want, but I have the button about that still not decided. I know at this moment what my options are, so I can there’s still nothing concrete to say.”


Robben gave previously that he had two more years at the top level, thinks, but also excludes from him after this season, football boots store. “At my age, you know that the end is nigh, and it is difficult to make the right choice.”

“You have so many things taken into consideration. How you feel, what your sense says, what your body tells you. Everything plays a role,” said Robben. “And ultimately you should do what looks best.”

Although the seizoenseinde and thus shed light on his future looming, watching Robben make sure that he is too much distracted by all the uncertainty. “So it works the way it is.”

“Ultimately, the focus on the month of april are,” says Robben, with Bayern still on three fronts active. “That is now in my head, not the question of what I the next season will have to do.”

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This Saturday, take the experienced winger, who a few months ago say goodbye to Orange, with the Bundesliga front-runner on against Borussia Dortmund. With a win, would be the sixth national championship in a row, celebrated can be, but then Schalke 04 losing laagvlieger Freiburg.

In the quarter-finals of the Champions League is Bayern linked to Seville and in the national cup tournament is Bayer Leverkusen’s opponent in the final four.

In the last two games could coach Jupp Heynckes, do not rely on Robben, that with a strangulated nerve suffered. Last week, the Groninger back on the training ground.

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