Illusionist Dynamo unrecognizable after illness

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Illusionist Dynamo has on Instagram, explaining why he is the last months, not more publicly displayed. The Brit suffers from Crohn’s disease and has been through all the medications almost unrecognisable.

In a video that he Wednesday informed, is to see that Dynamo is large has arrived and there swollen look. Also tells the magician that his whole body is covered with rash. The cause of all misery is a food poisoning, which he last summer suffered. “Crohn’s disease in combination with a food poisoning is went really wrong,” said Dynamo.

In addition to the visible effects, the Brit is incredibly to suffer from his joints. “Everything hurts: my ankles, my toes, my neck and my hands. And that last one is for an illusionist, of course, be disastrous, since I benefit, am with quick, nimble fingers. I can’t even take a pack of cards to hold.”

Finally, says Dynamo that he has a positive view on the recovery. “I’m working on new tricks, and fortunately, I am by good, professional people treated. I also want my fans to thank. You have given me from day one, greatly supported and I am grateful for.”

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