‘If we have sex, we slide the dog to the side’

ea0f08843ac18101e76c0aa445df528c - 'If we have sex, we slide the dog to the side'

André Hazes and his girlfriend Monique are very fond of their two dogs. One, Dunya, is sleeping, between the set on the bed. Except when they have sex, so reveals Monique in the Beau Monde.

“If we’re going to the sexes, we slide her out of the way. Then we push her back. She looks not even more to. Hear it not, haha”, said Monique. “That other, in contrast, really the room. That goes with her nose behind us smell!”

Monique has Dunya since the dog was three weeks old and has her self with the bottle raised, so she says in the interview. “I have, before I André got to know a lot of miserable things happened. And my dog was always there for me. She is my best friend, my love, my therapist, she is always my everything. Our band is so close.”

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