HSV-trainer does not give up on

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Hamburger SV is on the point of order for the first time to degrade, but the new trainer Christian Titz gives the courage not yet.

HSV coach Christian Titz believes in a stunt.

“I believe that there is something loose, if we win,” said Tits on tv-transmitter Sky. “Football is a mental game, where you have strong between your ears.” The last victory of the cases, the top clubs from Hamburg dates back to 26 november.

HSV has a maximum of seven games to avoid for the first time since the creation of the Bundesliga in 1963 degrades. As the only German club HSV all the seasons of the party. The six-time champion (three times in the Bundesliga) earned the nickname ‘Bundesliga-Dino. The past few years knew HSV degradation always in the nick of time to stave off, now the team of defender Rick van Drongelen seven points behind a ‘safe’ position.

“Personally, I feel no pressure. But of course, it is easier to play football if you’re at the top than at the bottom,” said Titz, already the third coach this season HSV. His team plays Saturday against VfB Stuttgart.

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