Herman van Veen in the limelight

051f8f3afbd10e0d7e3eb25b9f733a03 - Herman van Veen in the limelight

Herman van Veen is Monday night to be honored by a number of colleagues. Among others, Claudia de Breij and Paul van Vliet were in the DeLaMar Theatre on stage with the work of Van Veen.

Herman van Veen

Also Harry Sacksioni, Judith Herzberg, Yora Rienstra, the Scapino Ballet and Kommil Foo occurred. Van Veen was guest of honour and closed the evening with a performance. “In the life that I have left, I will not forget,” said the 73-year-old Herman in his acceptance speech. “This you do not if you are 21. I was already happy, now I have something happier.”

The homage took place in the framework of the Amsterdam Kleinkunst Festival, that every year a reputable an entertainer in the limelight. Previously received, among others, Herman Finkers, Paul van Vliet and Freek de Jonge, the AKF Homage.

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