Harvey Keitel appears in modern bijbelfilm

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The American actor Harvey Keitel will be the first English-language film of the Russian-French film director Pavel Lungin a key role to play. That message entertainmentmagazine Variety today. It is an edited, modern version of the bible story about Jacob and Esau from the book of Genesis.

In addition to Keitel to get the Israelis Mark Ivanir (Ivan Krupin in the tv series “Homeland”) and Lior Ashkenazi (‘Foxtrot’) played a role.

The film will be ‘Esau’ are called, according to the Hebrew Bible is the twin brother of Jacob. It tells the story of a 40-year-old author who, after a long time, back to the parental home, return to the confrontation with his brother, that his love and livelihood stolen. The plot is a modern adaptation of the Biblical story of Jacob and Esau.

“The conflicts and liefdesjaloezieën that in this story, revealed to be have the power to take your breath cut off,” says the 78-year-old Keitel about the script.

The recordings start at the beginning of april in Israel, the result would be next year in the cinemas should appear.

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