Hans de Booij writes song for Groningen

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Hans de Booij is especially for the residents of the earthquake zone in Groningen written a song. With the number wants the singer, who in 1983, a hit scored with Annabel, all those in a heart under the belt stitches, made his record company Tuesday announced.

Hans de Booij

Tommy from Appingedam is about a seven-year-old boy who can’t sleep because he is afraid that his house collapses. The 59-year-old Booij, who is himself in Antwerp lives, but often in the “disaster area”, hopes that his song “an outsider, it is easier to empathize with the daily worries and fears, where the people in Groningen have to deal with”. It is also the first single of a new EP from The Booij later this year.

A portion of the proceeds go to Foundation Right for Groningen. This foundation supports victims of the gas industry in legal matters.

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