Hacker blackmails Phaedra Hoste

fbeec015a70cc81f18669242d125935d - Hacker blackmails Phaedra Hoste

Like many thousands of other people is Phaedra Hoste Monday become the victim of a mail, in which a hacker claims to be about movies with racy images. Phaedra Hoste choked almost in her coffee when she Monday morning got another mail which read was that they 500 euro had to pay, or the attacker would take the films to the public. The man/woman in question claims to be about movies that the image of Phaedra Hoste could damage it. “I love you for a while in the holes because I have been hacked by way of a trojan virus in an ad on a porn website”, we read in the mail. “If you are not familiar with it, I will just explain. A trojan virus gives you full access and control over a computer, or any other device. This means that I have everything on your screen you can see your camera and microphone can enable you are aware of them. So, I have also gained access to all of your contacts.”

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