Grim groaned after appointment Fraser in Sparta

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The way in which technical manager Henk van Stee, the appointment of Henk Fraser as the new head coach of Sparta has brought into being is a kick against the sore leg of the men who Kasteelclub in the Premier league.

Fred Grim

Apart from the qualities of Fraser was, according to Dick Advocaat, Cor Pot and advisor Leo Beenhakker understand current assistant coach Fred Grim the most suitable candidate. “This is a devastating event, but the shoulders must be back to the club in the Premier league to keep” said Grim, who was hoping the successor of a Lawyer.

The advice in the wind

Stronger still: a week before the appointment of Fraser to the world was made, was Grim to hear that he had to start thinking about his own new technical staff. With one phone call from van Stee, minutes before the press release went out, it became clear that the man who just a week and a half in the service was all the advice of the already existing soccer technical people, suddenly in the wind had hit.

And that, while Grim, there is excellent on-state within Sparta and involved in all processes towards next season, for example, about the present and possible future spelersmateriaal. “For me it was also surprising,” says the Lawyer, that Grim times voordroeg. “That really has nothing with the trainer Henk Fraser, because that is an excellent trainer, but it would take me to the procedure. There I put my question, Fred.”


In Sparta gives you high of the existing football know-how within the club, but this was now in one fell swoop overruled by the board of directors and Of Stee. “Fred, of course, was a candidate, for us the most important, and I also had the feeling that he is within Sparta very highly regarded”, says the Lawyer, who is clear about further advice. “This choice is the right of the board and of Henk (van Stee, eds.). That you need to accept and is fine, but then they don’t have to me nothing more to ask.”

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