Gordon gets a role in The Voice of Senior

a650a2ce8bbd947641d2026e65742ae6 - Gordon gets a role in The Voice of Senior

Gordon is one of the faces of The Voice Senior, the seniorenversie of The Voice of Holland. The presenter said in an interview in the Libelle that he the program is “going to do”, but to what role is not clear.

A spokesman confirms that Gordon indeed has a role to play in the program. Or he was one of the presenters or the fourth missing member of the jury is, if the transmitter is still not say.

Before, it was already known that, in any case, Ilse DeLange, Marco Borsato and Ali B back to sit on the spinning chairs. They did all had experience in the regular version of The Voice. Gordon was never involved in the talent show or the juniorenversie. The presentation has been since the beginning in the hands of Martijn Krabbé and Wendy van Dijk.

In October it was announced that Talpa, after a spin-off with children working on a seniorenvariant of The Voice. In the show only to participants of 65 years and older to bid.

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