Goalkeeper does need on the field and get red

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In Italy, a goalkeeper for a special reason, a red card received. Armando Prisco had so little pee that he decided to take a risicootje to take and need in the field to do.

Red card

The keeper of Messina, saw, in the away game against Igea Virtus that there are still two minutes to play, but pulled it off no longer. “In the final stage of the match I couldn’t stop it,” he says to the journalist Gianluca Di Marzio. “I was jumping like crazy. When the race still came to lie because of a change, I decided my chance to intervene.”

Unfortunately for Prisco saw the referee what he was doing and he got the red card. “We had no-one. I have after the race to direct my apology and have not protested. I knew that I was not on the rules held. It was not intended as an obscene gesture and I’ve done everything to sneak to do it. I knew that there are also children in the stadium were. But I just couldn’t stop it.”

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