Friend André Hazes sat for months at a reunion with Rachel

32706666fc98a22c4be2b047e7bcbae3 - Friend André Hazes sat for months at a reunion with Rachel

Monique Westenberg last year, months walking around with the idea of her friend André Hazes to reunite with his mother Rachel.

Westenberg, wanted the son that she has with the singer not let them grow up with a familieruzie, she says in Beau Monde. “I figured out that there is only one solution and that was that I aside had to convert for my child. That was hard, I can tell you.”

The 40-year-old Westenberg was to own say so hurt that they never thought to be more in contact to want. “But I felt with André the last year and a half, a kind of anger which I didn’t know where that came from. He reacted angrily to everything. To the dogs, to me, to people in traffic. I thought that the argument with his mother him was troubling.”

When her friend abroad, took Westenberg, contact Rachel and her sister and brother-in-law, after which Rachel and her excuses. “Rachel is very happy: she has her son back and has finally found her grandson seen. And André is also happy. We speak regularly and do something.”


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