First David Bowie-the statue within, two days with paint smeared on it

56ac08f76d97c606a9f5aaad03a8281f - First David Bowie-the statue within, two days with paint smeared on it

The first David Bowie-statue in the world is not yet 48 hours after the disclosure by the vandals damaged. The bronze sculpture, that the name Earthy Messenger was Sunday unveiled in the Uk, the Aylesbury, where the popicoon see for the first time was as Ziggy Stardust.

Both on the monument, as around it there is paint. “First, give the homeless to eat!”, it is written on the ground in front of the statue. On the wall next to it is the text “RIP DB” dyed. Presumably the vandalism occurred in the night from Monday to Tuesday.

Inhabitants of the village called the injury “awful” and “unnecessary”. “Taxpayers should now pay for the cost of the cleaning. So, ironically, it is now the vandal that money steals from the homeless”, said one inhabitant told the BBC.

Muziekpromotor David Stopps, the man behind the artwork, says that the paint today is removed. “The statue is on public land, and we do everything we can to make it as good as possible to keep an eye on. There is also a 24-hour webcam on aim, so who has also done it, the person is undoubtedly on the image.

Bowie joined in Aylesbury for the first time as Ziggy Stardust. Also he had two of his albums for the first time heard in the local music venue Frati. The club started a crowdfundingactie for the statue, and pulled the 100,000 pound (115,000€). The image consists of various shapes and forms of the singer. Above the artwork hanging speakers, from which every hour a number of the in January 2016, deceased musician sounds.

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