Fire Russia: 41 children dead, 23 adults

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MOSCOW – Sure 41 children are to have life come through the fire in the shopping mall in the Russian city of Kemerovo. In total were 64 people’s life. It turns out that that according to the Russian news agency Interfax from the list of victims Tuesday by the authorities is released.

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Many of the victims were on a playground. Supposedly, the fire there in the near arise. In a panic, called in some to the family. The eleven-year-old Victoria called her aunt. “They said that flames were and that the doors of the cinema were blocked and that she can’t flee,” said the aunt.

The children watched the movie Peter Rabbit when they were hemmed in by the fire, writes the Russian newspaper komsomolskaya Pravda.

A school class from the village Treschevsky was also to the shopping centre, gone. Six students would have died. Valery Zaryuta had luck, she says to Russian media. She got the coat, which the evening before had washed, in the morning, not dry and decided to stay home.

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