Fire brigade sent away after the attack in Manchester

801f88dce452e272593aa202924048c1 - Fire brigade sent away after the attack in Manchester

MANCHESTER – Firefighters to help shots after the attack after a concert of Ariana Grande in Manchester, his long-time unjustly held at a distance. From a report on the handling of the attack turns out, according to the BBC that the emergency services themselves are poorly communicated.

By the suicide attack were 22 people on life and became more than seven hundred others are injured.

The first ambulance was within eleven minutes on the spot and got the police to hear that it was a suicide attack. The officer put a preconceived plan for such situations, where social workers and police their work can continue to do so even though there is a risk of more attacks.

The fire brigade was, however, to the ordinary rules and remained 500 metres away from the risk area. According to the report, it is a good thing that the ambulancebroeders not know, and their work continued to do.

Due to the bad communication came the firefighters, only a little over two hours later at the arena. Usually they are there within six minutes.

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